TabToolkit 1.1

TabToolKit gets an update with lots of new stuff:

  • Multi-track playback! You can now listen to all instruments simultaneously in Guitar Pro and Power Tab files.
  • Midi instrument remapping. You can now re-assign the midi instrument for any track.
  • Individual track volume and mute controls. Open up the instrument list from within a tab to control the audio for each track.
  • Audio quality overhaul. We’ve made improvements to the quality of audio playback.
  • Continuous playback. Playable files will now continue to play while viewing the instruments list or options screens.
  • Search titles and instrument names.
  • Orientation locking. In the Display Options screen, you can now lock the screen’s orientation so that it will not auto-rotate.
  • The home screen will now disregard words like “The” in determining order.
  • The home screen now does a better job of grouping by artist name in cases where capitalized words are inconsistent.
  • Various performance optimizations.

TabToolKit at the app store:

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