Thoughts on Bassline 2.0

I spent some time the other day playing with BassLine 2.0. I have to admit I’d forgotten how good a little synth it was. The thing that makes it great is the ability to tweak the sounds with your thumbs on the freq response and envelope pads. It is great fun to use.

Of course now that BassLine has audio copy as well it becomes even more useful and fun to play with and you can integrate it into something far more complex.

BassLine at the app store

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  1. It looks cool, but when I saw it got updated, and the only new feature was the ability to buy the 2.0 version, I said no…

    On the other hand, Fruityloops is the only software I can think of that offers free updates for life (if you bought v5, you can get v9 for free), but still I hope this is not the direction iphones music apps will go to.

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