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Thanks to @Pogemon for this news and pictures from MacWorld:

I went to Macworld today and gathered a few tidbits. It was a 1/3 of the size of last year, and with Apple missing, I’d imagine it will shrink down further next year. Saw big showings from Shure and Sennheiser, selling mics and lots of earbud style headphones etc.

There were some app tables that were showing off some music related apps. A few shots I got were the guys (Agile Partners) that make Guitar Toolkit, they said they had big plans for the new version of Guitar Toolkit coming soon, said they were developing for the ipad as well…they also demo’ed their Guitar Tablature sister product called Tab Toolkit, which looked real nice. He also hinted at a ‘secret project’ coming soon.

One app that really caught my eye was a recording app by the folks that make McDSP called Retro Recorder, which is a basic recording app but has some good processing and DSP technology to improve recording quality., which is .99 until the end of Macworld.

Other guys I saw were a cool app (in the app pavillion area) called Pattern Music, which appears to be a standard grid style full instruments type of sequencer/song creator, which also lets you jam along with your ipod library.

If I had $60 or so to spend today I would’ve bought one of those Blue-Mikey Microphones, but don’t find myself recording too often on my iphone.

Big thanks to @Pogemon for the words and pictures from Macworld. I wonder what it will be like next year?

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