14 Apps I love for Valentines

I know it is a tenuous use of valentines day, but I thought I’d post a little something about the 14 apps I love the most for mobile music, so here goes. I hope you don’t mind too much

Bhajis Loops
Like many of you I keep going back to Bhajis to do stuff. It is still an amazing piece of software.

Jasuto Pro
Jasuto / Jasuto Pro is a truly amazing piece of software which keeps on getting better and better.

NLog is a fantastic synth, and keeps growing too. Everytime I use NLog I am amazed at how responsive it is and just how much synth is packed into such a small space.

I was using this on the train just the other day and more and more I find that DopplerPad is one of the first things I use to make mobile music with my iPhone. It is starting to be a real hub to work out from.

Bleep!Box is so versatile and tweakable that sometimes I get lost in the minute detail. Nevertheless a brilliant music making app, and soon to get some audio paste goodness

I’ve enjoyed using Mixtikl since version 1 and have found it great to use, whether in version 1 with loops, or in version 2 with amazing generative content. Superb on any platform.

Who would have thought that we’d see a 16 track recorder on a mobile phone? As apps go MultiTrack has a great and simple user interface and is very straightforward to use.

Sunvox runs on more platforms than I actually have, and I think I’m running it on 4 now. I’ve used Sunvox live running on my old Treo 650 and recorded tracks with it on my iPhone. It is a classic mobile music app.

Toro Mini
Toro mini is a lovely little app. The developers seem to have vanished for now which is a shame, but I love this app, it is real fun to play with.

The latest version of Argon makes it a really useful synth, and I especially love the loop recorder.

MeTeoR was the first ever multi-track for a PDA and is an amazing piece of software with fantasic effects. It is a great Windows Mobile app.

Since version 3.1 of Looptastic this app has got lots more useful, and I can see it beng really important from now on.

The penultimate app in my list is a great synth app which is brilliant for learning how things work and also for making fun noises. Circuit Synth is a great little app.

Finally Megasynth, an app I love becuase of the sounds it makes and what you can make with it. For me it is my own little Dr Who sound studio. Brilliant!

So, which apps do you love?


  1. Jasuto pro for fun, beatmaker for songs, argon and nlog for synths (can't wait for audio paste), idrum club for groove experiments, sunvox for potential (but hard to use on small screen!)… Great!

    What else!

  2. Jasuto pro for fun, beatmaker for songs, argon and nlog for synths (can't wait for audio paste), idrum club for groove experiments, sunvox for potential (but hard to use on small screen!)… Great!

    What else!

  3. In no particular order….
    1. Bassline – the application seems to fit perfectly well into the small screen size of my ipod touch.
    2. Looptastic producer – the update has made it so much more fun.
    3. NlogSynth – great sounds.
    4. Technobox – fun to play around with.
    5. Thump – nice simple drum app with the ability to import new samples to make additional kits
    6. Octopod – another simple drum app.
    7. IGOG – probably the best drumming app in terms of reproducing live drum sounds.
    8. EffectorLite – a free app that works great as a practice amp fro my guitar (thanks to the commenter who told me how to modify it to work on my ipod touch).
    9. SonicVox – I'm having great fun with this at the moment using it as an effects pedal and as a singing tool.
    10. Voiceband – I can't use it as recommended (with my voice) but it works great as a guitar synth pedal.
    11. RJDJ – (Trippy, Kids on Dsp and the original)
    12. Dopplerpad – I'm still getting the hand of this.
    13. Thumbjam – fun, fun, fun
    14. TonePad – I don't know what it is about this small limited app but I just find it great to relax and make some melodies on it.

  4. Beatmaker! used more than any other app I own, this is the tool I use for putting full songs together, starting with beats/samples and song structure and building up from there — just started using Argon for melodies and custom sounds that I import into Beatmaker, and looking forward to using NLog for this purpose too. Would love to find a drum program that supported Beatmaker copy/paste.

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