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Very strange. The Air app has come down in price since yesterday and is now just $0.99 in price. However, this comment from Sigmund suggests it isn’t a good deal:

I usually enjoy RJDJ apps and try to support developers I appreciate by purchasing their apps but this one seems a serious misfire. I got the impression that the overall approach in this AIR app been lazy (it seems to be a generic synth background with a little echo from the users microphone added to the mix – nothing too innovative, either in terms of music or interaction). The biggest problem, however, was that it nearly deafened me with screeching feedback on several tracks. Its funny that they suggest you record these tracks and send it to someone you love – perhaps there is a hidden market in people who love hard of hearing sado-masochists?

My apologies to Sigmund for this comment as I inadvertently deleted it whilst deleting spam comments.

RJDJ Air Love at the app store:
Love by AIR


  1. I'm using an 8 Gb ipod touch with a non-apple 4-ring external microphone connector (although it is sold as 'designed for iphones') that is in turn connected to standard white ipod headphones. This is my usual set up for RJDJ apps and none of the others have given me feedback (I've bought the other three apps (trippy, kids on dsp and litttle boots) and frequently used the original free RJDJ app – all with zero feeback problems. This AIR app, however, gave me terrible feedback on several of its scenes – so much so that I found it not only unusable but almost dangerous to ones hearing.
    I would be interested to find out if its just my setup that gives these problems so that I might try it again when I update my player in future.

  2. First I'll say that overall I think this app/scene does a great job of demonstrating the potential for reactive audio in combination with prerecorded material. I listened to the Voyage environment for about 30 minutes while cooking dinner – was very enjoyable, but the harmonizer/vocoder effect during this environment fades in and out sufficiently that feedback never got out of hand.

    The Harmony environment definitely has a tendency toward feedback on my iPhone 3G with the stock earphones. I was also not listening at maximum volume. The feedback occurs due to the proximity of the mic to the ear buds.

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