AC-7 DAW Control Surface update

A bunch of updates for this app. Here’s the detail:

On the main screen:

  • Redesigned cleaner layout
  • New “Flip Faders” button to quickly change the pan for 8 tracks
  • Larger track status lights
  • All track numbers update when changing the current bank
  • New buttons for “Jog Screen” and “Track Screen”

New Jog Screen:

  • Large jog strip for quickly moving the playhead
  • Buttons for undo, save, enter, cancel, scrub, cycle, click, add marker, shift, autopunch, replace, solomode.

New Track Screen:

  • Write, touch, latch, read/off automation buttons for the currently selected track.
  • Faders to control aux sends and track eq.

*All new features tested on Logic. Different software may interpret the messages in a different way

AC-7 DAW Control Surface at te app store:
AC-7 DAW Control Surface

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