AudioTools update

An update for AudioToolbox. Here are the details:

Bug Fixes and Improvements:


  • fixed capacitive reactance calculation
  • fixed gibberish in room mode before numbers appear
  • add compute frequency or cap/inductance from reactance


  • Cursor now sticks with frequency line


  • now allows lower levels, at least -30
  • fixed overall SPL value
  • Added threshold of hearing line (option)
  • fix bar pop-up problem
  • fixed runs slow after pressing “i” for info screen


  • Fixed Store / Recall filter setting
  • Fixed play / pause state issues

SPL Graph

  • Fixed SPL level bug

SPL Trafic Light

  • Added 8 hr Leq
  • Added real-time SPL display in Leq mode

AudioTools at the app store:

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