Touch DJ 2.0 on the way

Touch DJ 2.0 has some great new features coming:

  • BPM, BPM sync (tap the “o”-shaped button between the +/- buttons to autosync BPM/pitch to the other track)
  • Note: you have to re-import your tracks to get the BPM measured or enter it manually in the Crates Editor
  • New crate/playlist editor with 3 crates and BPM editor
  • Improved EQ and scratch, reworked “Track Load”
  • New “global track zoom” mode (tap the magnifier icon)
  • Global track waveform now always on display at the sides of the screen
  • 2 new tracks (27 in total)

Touch DJ at the app store:
Touch DJ ?


  1. Looks like it got posted and then Apple pulled it from the store because they are accessing the DCIM directory still. You can read their tweet about it.

  2. This indeed happened, a bit shocking (our apps never got pulled before). However we already submitted Touch DJ 2.1 which uses the new wi-fi syncing program only (called AmidioSync2).

  3. Amidio should make Touch DJ for the ipad! It would be sick! They could use it's extra processing power and screen size massively to their advantage! Then you could do a whole set with high quality audio – or a 4 deck mix with two ipads… and a ipod touch for the mixer!

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