Jasuto Pro updated to 1.0.1

There’s an update to Jasuto Pro today. Here are the details from Chris:

This isn’t a major update, but it’s necessary as it fixes and improves many things. I’m still dealing with Apple on the scripting side of things, all I can say is that it will happen and soon! OSC over Wifi is tied into the scripting engine so they will be released at the same time…

Here’s the 1.0.1 change log:

1) fixed a ton of rendering bugs.

2) change motion scale maximum to 200%, so you can now scale motions up or down.

3) the Lofi module is now working.

4) added a DC filter.

5) fixed a beat->numeric conversion bug in the number editor.

6) the community browser now works on Edge/3G just the same as Wifi.

7) a glide value of 1.0 in the Seq and Keys nodes now translates to an instant change in pitch, i.e. no portamento.

8) tapping Stop (in the XPort menu) now stops all audio, tapping it again will reset all Seq positions and node motion.

9) tapping Play (in the XPort menu) while the scene is running will reset all Seq positions and node motion, you can use this along with the new Tap functionality to play along with live music, etc…

10) added Tap to BPM functionality found in the XPort menu. It takes around 3-5 taps to actually set the BPM.

11) fixed an occasional crash bug when using the granular mode in the sampler.

12) fixed an audio sync bug that would occasionally show up after loading a large scene.

13) you can now wire nodes by tapping and holding the destination node while double tapping the source node. This obviously requires at least two fingers, but you can also hold multiple destination nodes to wire more than one node at a time.

14) added playhead indicators to the Seq and Sampler nodes, so you can see what’s going on without looking in the nodes.

So, it’s still a fairly substantial update and should keep you guys busy until 1.1

Not bad for ‘not a major’ update!

Jasuto Pro at the app store:
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer

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