Update on iPK25

A further update from Matrixsynth on the iPK25 (now SynthStation25):

Update: I heard from Akai. It is still on track, same price and release date. The name has officially changed to the SynthStation25. The info page was removed at Apple’s request.

“The Akai iPK25…now renamed SynthStation25 does in fact live. When developing hardware for Apple ipod products, Apple has a large number of hoops for developers to jump through. There was one hoop we missed so Apple made us take down the information from our web page. We are now working our way through this issue and it will be back up on the web page when we are allowed to put it back there. This has not affected shipping dates or anything, just our ability to have info regarding it up on our web page.”

Well at least it is still going ahead, shame there’s no word on the app as yet.


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