Will Beatmaker copy/paste get wide adoption?

From this tweet:

nlogmusic Beatmaker copy/paste integration was a 30 min job. Great stuff for next update of NLog synth. Love it.

I think it is fair to say that NLog is going to move to Beatmaker’s version of copy/paste in version 2.1. I wonder how many other developers are going down this route rather than Sonoma’s?

NLog at the app store:
NLog Synthesizer


  1. Hi,

    I want to make sure, that the work Sonoma is doing is wonderful. I do not see any competition here. My focus is to support what users request, and Beatmaker support was requested many times and now it is very easily possible. I may support Sonoma as well, but this is not decided yet.

    Next NLog Synthesizer update will support Arpeggio, Recording, Export, Copy/Paste and some more stuff like keyboard hold etc.

    Having fun and inspiration is most important!


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