Effector Lite for iPhone

This looks like an interesting app. A real time effects box which I hadn’t noticed before, and free as well.

Effector Lite at the app store:
Effector Lite


  1. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the ipod touch. There's a similar effects pedal simulator called the iFX that also has this problem. Come on developers, let us ipod touch users use these apps! (just think of it as a small iPad)

  2. I would love to try this app, but it is only compatible with iPhones, not iPod Touches.

    There is no good excuse for this, as there are plenty of real-time DSP apps that work just dandy with the iPods if ya cable 'em correctly (for example, Jasuto Pro, Voice Band, RjDj, T-Pain, Stomp Vox, Resonizer, SfS Synth, etc).

    And there is no website or support forum to provide feedback to the vendor. So, if you are the developer and read this …. please support iPods, OK? Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

  3. Thanks for pointing this one out. I missed it too somehow. Anyway, it's really rather good. More fx than any other that I know of. Interface needs some tweaking (one reviewer didn't even realise it was an interface at all!) but I really like it.

  4. It's annoying when devs forget (or choose not) to include iPod support. If you want the app just download it through iTunes on your computer and modify the plist file in the app. Takes 2 minutes just google it.

  5. Well, I have googled it, and can't find anything specific that would tell me how to get this app to run on a Touch via plist editing. Can you offer more info on where to find out how, and can this be done without jailbreaking or a lot of crazy stuff?

  6. Hi guys!
    I'm really sorry, but I haven't got an iPod Touch, so I can't test the app on it.
    I'm going to fix this problem when I have enough time, but this is a free application and I have a lot of work to do.

  7. Miki – Your app may run just fine on iPods without modification. I am happy to test your app on my iPod Touch 2G. I have the proper cables, audio analysis tools, and have beta tested apps. I can send you a UDID, instal provisioning profile, etc…let me know and I can get in “touch.”

  8. Robman —

    Hot diggity dog! That worked like a charm. So did Effector Lite on iPod! Thanks so much for the tip! Easy, elegant, and it works…

  9. Thanks for the info robman84, I got it to work on my 8 Gb ipod touch. It's a great piece of software. Get a recording option and it would be one of the best effects apps available – well worth paying for (as a comparison check what the irock app and PRSamp apps are selling for in your country).

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