AK-7 MIDI Keyboard

The guitar version of this app caused a lot of discussion when I posted it, so I wonder if this will cause as much interest.

*** Special Introductory Price *** for a limited time only!

From the makers of the AG-7 Midi Guitar comes this new wireless midi keyboard controller. It has no sounds onboard, rather it is used to play software instruments in Garageband, Logic etc. It requires the free DSMI Server software to be installed on your computer, and a wireless network. If you are already using the AG-7 Midi Guitar app, there’s no need to install the server software again. In fact you can use multiple devices using the AG-7 and AK-7 apps simultaneously.


  • 17 note keyboard with velocity control – the further down the key is touched, the louder the note!
  • Multi-touch keyboard allows chords, slides etc.
  • Fully functional pitch bend and modulation controls
  • Velocity boost (variable from 0 to 100) can effectively override the velocity variations, allowing organs etc to be played at a level volume
AK-7 at the app store:
AK-7 Midi Keyboard

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