So iPad is here, but what do we think?

It is here, and already it caused views to polarize. CDM isn’t impressed and with good reason I think. Peter’s right, the iPad is closed just like the iPhone. We won’t see Processing on iPad which is a real shame.

Others are over the moon, and with good reason too. I can imagine some of my favourite iPhone apps running in a bigger screen with a 1Ghz processor. The bigger screen could give rise to further innovation on Apple’s mobile platform, or are all their operating systems mobile now?

Either way, the iPad is going to change a lot of things and it does represent a big opportunity for mobile music developers.

I’d love to hear your views and how you think it might change your apps and what you might make in the future.


  1. “I can imagine some of my favourite iPhone apps running in a bigger screen with a 1Ghz processor”

    I'd rather have a iphone 4g and a projector to get that feeling. I've posted on other blogs this- it's a pathway device. It's to lead you to their new blossoming ebook/magazine marketplace.

    Like how the ipod lead you to itunes. How the iphone lead you to the app store. But THOSE were/are great devices. This is kinda shallow. But time will tell- who knows- I'll probably be eating crow in 6 months.

    I think Steve heard the call of “Print is DEAD” and remembered when he heard “Music Stores are DEAD” and rushed this out.


  2. I was hoping it would be more of a cross between the ipod touch and a tablet computer but it's not. It's just a big iPod Touch that probably won't even work with my Kindle books because Apple is now opening the iBook Store …. I'v been an Apple fan since the late 80's and have bought almost every computer, music and phone system that they've made but this just may be one that I'm going to pass on.

  3. Personally, I think it looks great and is priced well. I am looking forward to being able to use Beatmaker and other audio apps with a larger interface. All the other features, not-specifically related to music, will make the unit even more useful for me. Glad that 3G service can be turned on and off at will. Makes it very useful for someone like me who only needs such access for a few trips per year.
    There are still a few questions to be answered. Will existing iPhone mics and other peripherals work with the iPad? Will we get any onboard file transfer?

  4. That was just about the biggest disappointment ever. I think that Apple's hype machine backfired. If I heard the term “magical” one more time, I think I would have tossed my lunch.

    I think the folks at Apple could present a loaf of white bread and the world would think it was just the most amazing thing ever.

    Finally, it occurred to me later in the day why I was so unimpressed. Usually a company would release a large device, which did X, Y, and Z. The after a few years, they would release a smaller version that had the same functionality but did more. Apple has done it precisely in the wrong order. What I saw today was a 10″ IPod Touch. I can get essentially the same functionality for $299, rather than $499 and it's more portable too.

    I can't imagine how anyone is going to be able to type anything with that device sliding back and forth on their laps!

  5. Yeah, looks like iPhone OS 3.2, which is only for iPad right now will support file sharing and USB syncing. Goodbye ioLibrary, Audio Copy Paste, iPhone Explorer, and other hacks!

  6. I think I'll wait for version 2 before I get one but it's certainly got some advantages over the iPhone for musicians. For a start it will be easier to play many synth and drum applications on a larger screen. The guitar simulation apps are not going to translate so well but the faster processing speed will allow for the development of better apps for guitarists- say a proper multieffects /amp simulator that workshops in realtime with the signal from your guitar.

  7. I think this will be a great device, and in about a year's time, with OS 4, we'll be seeing what it can really do.
    Currently, yes, it's crippled, but so was the iPhone/Touch when released (no 3rd party apps).

    Give it time, and we'll get there.

    Generally, I think this device should prove very popular for the non-geek for it's simplicity (no viruses, no startup, no cables, use it where you want, etc), or those geeks with abundant funds – since most geeks will already have a desktop, laptop, netbook, collection of palms in the drawer, a couple ipods and an iPhone or touch lying around too – it will be pure gadget lust.

    I'm sitting on the fence. As well as the above arsenal of gear, I also have an Android Archos 5 IT tablet I've been playing around with.. much cheaper, far more flexible, but it's not the same user experience.


  8. I think the iPad is a great product, just what I wanted (I told Apple that an iPod touch, with a 10″ screen should be made available, after buying a secondhand iPod Touch, and becoming annoyed with the tiny screen, a couple of years back). For my particular line of work, the iPad will be perfect (Photography, architectural visualisation, product design, music) I can't wait to buy one. Well done Apple! 😀

  9. The file sharing is severely crippled. Not only that, it's not even available on the iPod/iPhone.

    The nice thing about the Wifi server is that a user only has to request a download of a track, and then the device can do everything it needs to create that track and send it to the user. Simple one click solution.

    With a shared directory, you need to tap something on the device to indicate you want to render a file, which then puts it into the shared directory on the users desktop, which you then drag out to somewhere else. It gets even worse for sharing that same file to other apps. Consider this contrived example of exporting a file and performing some processing on it in another app:

    1. Need a UI on the app to render a file and place it in the shared folder.

    2. Need to drag the file out of the shared folder to somewhere else.

    3. Need to start up the other app you want to share the file to.

    4. Need to drag the file into the other apps shared directory.

    5. Other app need to recognize there is a file in the shared directory, take it out and do its processing on it.

    6. Need to indicate to the other app to put the newly modified file back into its shared directory.

    7. Need to drag the file out of the shared directory to somewhere else

    8. Need to close the other app and start up the original app.

    9. Need to drag the file to the original apps shared directory.

    10. Original app needs to recognize there is a file in the shared directory and load it.

    Thats a lot of steps just to perform some processing on a file in another app.

    I suppose UIPasteboard is the intended way to share files between apps, but it has it's own set of problems.

  10. I think things will pick up quickly after people can get their hands on one and experience it … just watch videos of people trying one at the Intro demo room; there is a physical connection with the device that must be experienced.

    Secondly, the speed and touch UI combination will enable app writers to develop stuff that we haven't begun to imagine.

    Third … look how much the iPod has evolved in eight years. The iPad is a newborn.

    I love the way Apple stirs the pot….

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