Bhajis on N800

A few shots of Bhajis Loops running on a Nokia N800. Good to see people are still using it. I know I am. More info on how it plays on the N800 at the Garden.


  1. I wonder how the performance of Bhajis is on this device. I'm also curious as to if you are allowed to use as much system memory/ram that you want. I like the new n900 but it's too expensive. The n800 and 810 are much more affordable. Very interesting.

  2. it runs just like my palm650. There's a thread on Maemo that explains how to mount the SD card, but I haven't had the time.

    the system resources are defined within the virtual machine, and match specific palm devices (t3,650,etc.)
    So basically, it's no different from any Palm running Bhajis Loops, aside bigger display and a 3.5 mm.

    I never hotsynced the VM, so Bhajis remains unregistered. Not too happy about ChangeName not working in Garnet.

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