uLoops update 1.2.2

Details of what’s new in uLoops 1.2.2:

New synth instruments:

  • FM Strings
  • Alien Pad
  • Robot Voice (great!)
  • Acid Bass
  • Percussion Tone
  • Computer Tone
  • Computer Noise
  • Toy Piano
Other updates:
  • Access this forum via [Menu] key, no extra login required nor loosing your pending changes.
  • Fixed MP3 VBR bug, some players showed incorrect length and bitrate
  • Fixed bug when cloning or importing a device within a loop (thanks eclectified, Yutaka and others)
  • Fixed a bug listening a song without listen loops first
  • Playback shows current and total time (thanks fliquid for the suggestion).
  • Reduced application size by using the same preview sound for all synths
  • Modifications are prevented while saving or editing basic properties
  • Easier note length selection in synthesizer
  • “Send Bug report” option in error messages
You lucky Android users! More info here.

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