Where did the Ion and iPK25 go?

Joey sent me an email asking where the pages for the Ion and iPK25 have gone, and you know what? I can’t find them at all! I’ve just checked the Akai site and their press release page, and the iPK25 stuff has gone!

Synthstation is still there, and refers to a Synthstation 25 keyboard and not the iPK25.

Anyone know what’s going on?


  1. They are probably fixing the actual sites. When I viewed them after the NAMM announcement the formatting and images were all messed up. It did not look professionally done at all.

  2. Having seen the unit in person, I don't think it's vaporware, but there might be other issues.

    Perhaps they are considering a name change and/or revisiting some of the details. The “download voucher” idea, in particular, might not have worked out as planned.

    Maybe they are waiting for Wednesday. After all, it would be better if the unit were compatible with the iPad too.

  3. If i know one thing about the Numark/Akai/Alesis/ION/Wavefront Semiconductor company it is that they have absolutely crappy web infrastructure. Don't read anything into the disappearance of this product from the site.

    Sure, they have promised a lot of things in the past that also weren't delivered, but the fact is that this company doesn't have people who are talented at computer applications including web gurus. Why? Because they aren't willing to pay enough to get the good people.

    What SHOULD concern you is that the Numark LTD company has been going through Product designers like toothpicks for some time. In 2005 there was a head product design person who had been there for 9 years and was previously with Alesis. He quit when it became apparent that the new Numark overlords weren't willing to keep up with the rate of inflation even in a quarter that saw greater than 20% growth. Raises were given to SALES people but not to anyone else. Everybody else who did the hard work got a “Raise” that was less than the rate of inflation AND their health plan was cut the next quarter.

    So how long have the other product designers lasted? Well according to Linked In This guy lasted ONLY SEVEN MONTHS.

    IT is this revolving door attitude that proves the Numark corporation has not loyalty to its own people, its own development, and certainly not to their customers.

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