Simple iPhone App made in Flash

Whilst this app in itself isn’t interesting, how it was made is. Simple Metronome was made using Flash CS5. Apparently there are quite a number of apps on the store made in CS5, but what does it mean for music apps? Is flash a good language for mobile music?

Interested to get people’s opinions on this. Details of the app are at


  1. I don't think it is worth using at all. It's fine for simple things like this but it's far too slow for anything serious.


  2. As a flash developer, there is a bunch of really cool stuff you can do with flash audio, but there are several different ways to program flash (Flash lite, for mobile & AS3, for desktop) the differences are too inhibiting to make synths etc. and Flash isn't really too good at that anyhow… But you could probably make a decent sampler or something.


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