Petition for audio file sharing – Update

The petition now has 110 signatures. If you haven’t signed it already please check it out here here.

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  1. I've signed, but I don't think this is going to make a blind bit of difference. Why? Because if you remember, when the iPhone was first launched, the idea Apple had, was it was never intended to run apps. Add to this, it is explained in the iPhone SDK (or somewhere about) that Apple are opposed to the idea of being able to record telephone conversations, because of some law in California. However, I do think that this tablet thingie [i]will[/i] allow for this- even though it may have a phone built in. It'll be great if this tablet/Newton/iTouch or whatever, allows people to run more than one app at a time- owing to that new ARM processor or whatever. All we have to do is wait until next week! 😎

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