Noise IO Pro Updated

Noise IO Pro Synth has just been updated again to version 1.4.5. The new version says it has a speed increase, but no mention of ioLibrary removal. I daren;t update just in case!

Noise IO at the app store Pro Synth


  1. I dare not either… can anyone else comment on the status of ioLibrary in this update?

    I should just make archives of all the app files using ioLibrary. That way, if I need to go back, I can.

  2. ioLibrary is gone, I updated and now I can't export my recordings. It transfers them to wav but that's it! Wish I didn't update!

  3. If you keep backups of older version of your applications IPA files, you can revert back to the old version.

    So many times I've seen nice apps turning into crap because of an “upgrade” that was only meant to insert ads.

  4. Thank goodness for jailbreaking and iFile….. I bought my IPT 2nd Gen because of BeatMaker, then bought the next day because of the ioLibrary support (I think it was cheaper than the current price, but $15 is cheaper than any VST/AU, which is what ioLibrary made it, for most purposes). I did update today to see if Amidio used AudioCopy instead, but no, just wav export to the App's directory… It almost seems like they're waiting to see how Intua updates (esp since Intua doesn't release often, so to speak) BeatMaker.. One more thing… I'd _kill_ for a mp3/m4a editor that could export to ioLibrary as wav (or AudioCopy, it seems, but gotta wait for Intua to fix their app).. Think Audacity on the iPhone, very handy for sampling from large files (I currently can sample sections out of mp3/m4a, but only via ffmpeg and a shell script 😉 )

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