The demise of ioLibrary and audio file sharing

From the comments on yesterday’s post about the end of ioLibrary I wanted to sound out readers to see if we should start an online petition. Not so much to get ioLibrary approved by Apple (although this would be good), but more to ask them to make it possible for audio applications to share audio and MIDI files in the same way that photo apps can legitimately share photos on the iPhone / Touch.

If you think that this is a good idea I’ll set up a petition at Please comment in if you think it is something worth doing.


  1. Definitely, I am about to start working on recording capabilities for VocaForm and it would be really nice to have a clear way forward.

  2. I find it strange that you can access and modify music from the itunes library in apps like 'I am T-Pain' and yet you cannot share non itunes music.

  3. Definitely! I'd sign it, too.

    Audio files aren't going to be the only file type iPhone apps may want to share (video, for example, and I'm sure there's more). Apple needs to know that they're missing out on opportunities by denying this to developers.

  4. Speak with your dollars, petitions won't do much when they sell millions of ipod/iphones.

    I won't buy application anymore, I've seen enough, and they all lack the same very essential feature : being able to share files between them (how come I have to reupload the same drum loop for every applications I want to use???).

    I'll still enjoy playing Bebot thought.

  5. Yeah, I signed the petition, but I'm sure Apple doesn't give a shit what we think. They have a history of being hostile towards users and developers.

    I'm hoping more developers begin paying attention to Android. I'm considering getting a Nexus One this spring. It would be nice if I could get SunVox and Jasuto for Android.

  6. Petitions work. But not if you don't sign, definitely sign it because we need shared library access!

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