Playing with Toro Mini

I was playing with this yesterday and thought I really should write something about just how good it is. It’s a shame that we haven’t seen anything else from InstantBinary for a while now. They did release a free version of Toro, but since then nothing.

I still have my wishlist for Toro mini:

  • Recording. I’d love to record my noodling around on these sounds.
  • Overdub. Once I’ve recorded something on one patch I’ll want to overdub using another
  • Export, or course, for my great masterpiece
  • Save patches when I’ve adapted them

I’d still like to see a Toro maxi app with these features. I’d gladly pay more for it?

Anyway, Toro Mini is a great app. If you haven’t tried it then check out the free version. The paid is only £0.59 I think anyway.

Toro Mini at the app store:
TORO mini: Digital Synthesizer

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  1. I'm disappointed by the sound quality, it's “very cheap sounding”, compared with other apps having a richer and warmer sound. Controls are good and probably could be used for a newbie in music to test all sound twisting possibilities but not for a pro. Presets are terrible, but that doesn't matter much since the purpose of the app is to modify sound. With a better sound engine it could be perfect.

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