FunkBox Drum Machine

I don’t post on every music app that comes along (or all I’d do is write about ‘official’ apps), and I certainly don’t write about every drum based app that turns up either. However, the highly retro interface of this app appealed to me. I’ve no idea if it is worth the $1.99 or not, but I like the look of it.

FunkBox Drum Machine at the app store:
FunkBox Drum Machine


  1. “I don't post on every music app that comes along…”

    No, you concentrate mostly on Mixtikl 2.

  2. I don't agree, 1 post today, 1 yesterday, but those are the first this year. I've talked more about Shrut-1 and Looptastic this year.

    Is it a problem?

  3. well i just grabbed the app, and….
    its fun, looks good, sounds good, you can edit, change sound, mix levels. and even play live drums by tapping pads. would be better if it had more drum machines, DMX, linn drum, just more old school funk machines, hopefully in an update!
    grab it if ya can, Peace!

  4. I bought it because it has a feature I wanted – individual mixers for each of the drums. It's an OK app – not the best one Ive bought this week – not even the best drum app (Thump, with its ability to load your own drums, is better). Still, it's not bad. If you are after a 90s type drum sound it works fine.
    By the way I thought anonymous was just pulling your leg!

  5. Hi folks,

    I can safely say that I'm very impressed with Ashley's blog. That is why I keep reading it. He covers so many things, and seems very objective in what he writes.

    As for Mixtikl, well Tim and I created it, and of course we are grateful for Ashley having reported on our long hard slog morphing miniMIXA into Mixtikl!

    I'm sure that all fellow developers of mobile audio software will agree that it is great to have a blogger such as Ashley actively interested in this area.

    Keep it up, Ashley!

    Best wishes,


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