Amidio removes ioLibrary from 2 Apps!

Whilst checking for updates this morning I noticed that both Star Guitar and Star Piano from Amidio have been updated. Sadly the only thing to mention in the update is that they have removed ioLibrary from both of these apps, which seems very strange indeed.

Are Amidio moving away from ioLibrary? Have Apple asked them to dump it? I have no idea, but I am going to try to find out today.

Star Guitar at the App Store:
? Guitar Pro

Star Piano Pro at the app store:
? Piano Pro


  1. Yeah, ioLibrary uses an area of the iPhone (the DCIM directory) which is not approved for use by iPhone apps. This also enabled USB syncing through the 3rd party desktop app, iPhone Explorer. They got away with it, like a lot of other app developers did, until someone asked for permission on the iPhone developer forums.

    The directory itself is readable and writable, presumably because it exists for apps to be able to get photos from the photo library. But that doesn't mean that Apple wants others to be able to use it.

    I guess Sonoma's Audio Copy/Paste is the way to go. They just use the copy/paste capability of the SDK. Not sure if its an open standard though. That is something that is really needed.

  2. It was only a matter of time, but this news just sucks. Now anyone who has gotten used to being able to use ioLibrary between apps while composing songs is going to have to adapt to a much less smoother workflow. So much for “it just works.” Thanks, Apple.

    AudioCopy/Paste is nice but doesn't serve the same purpose ioLibrary does.

  3. The iPhone OS's persistent UIPasteboard (aka Copy and Paste) with publicly documented type identifiers can do all the same inter-app data-transfer functions as ioLibrary does.

    The important thing is that the type identifiers and their definitions as well as any indexed collection protocols be open and extensible through public documentation.

  4. Actually, the ioLibrary is superior to the pasteboard (for now).
    The pasteboard has some annoying limitations.
    1) It takes way longer to copy and paste than ioLibrary.
    2) On slower devices (1st Gen iPod etc) the pasteboard cannot handle files larger than abou 30 MB.
    3) in general, files larger than about 8 MB have to be split up upon copy and patched back together upon paste.

    All these things are not necessary for ioLibrary.

    Sonomawireworks provides a great SDK for audiocopy. It is available for iPhone devs. Just ask them 😉
    And, no I am not affiliated with them. I just asked…

  5. Hi everyone,
    Indeed this is shocking news, but we had to remove the ioLibrary functionality from all our apps. (Intua will remove it from Beatmaker as well.)

    This has been carried out due to Apple's request (“apps are not allowed to look out of their container”).

    ioLibrary has been functioning for over a year and suddenly some people decided that it is against Apple's policies.

    So currently you can use the wi-fi server, etc. but only for each app on it's own.

    We are really eager to find another file sharing solution but it currently seems to be impossible (DCIM was the only way and buffercopying isn't good enough for our purposes).

    We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, soon we'l release the long-awaited Touch DJ update, as well as a new groundbreaking music instrument app. Future plans include Star Guitar 2 & Star Piano 2 (completely reworked).

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