Palm Zire 72

I bought this Zire 72 on eBay for just £6! At the time I didn’t know if it worked or not, but when I got it and plugged it in to a charger it started up straight away! Excellent.

What I’d like to do with it is load linux to it, but I’m not sure it is ideal for that. I think I’ll need a T2 instead for that.

I had a Zire 72 years back when they first came out and it is a great little PDA with a camera (1.2 megapixels) that takes video too.

Now all I have to do is work out what to do with it …


  1. The 72 is the bomb! Lovely warm hissy output- lovely! 🙂 One of my 72's I bought for £1, but it has a cracked screen. It's terrible that Palm made it impossible to fix this. One trick I found, if you place the Zire on a full roll of toilet paper (that's the speaker bit over the cardboard tube), a) the bass response, and volume is dramatically improved, and b), the bog roll also provides excellent ergonomic support! 😀

  2. The Zire 72 is my favourite pocket device of all time, I use mine with Bhajis, PowerSDHC & 32GB card + Pockettunes, TCPMP, etc. I just love it, even the photos have a nice quality, esp if you use sepia or blue mode. I have a TX, but I rarely use it, I know its very limited, but somehow the old Zire 72 has more soul than any of my other devices… I have one working one and about 4 broken ones that I have used as doners for parts, so I have managed to avoid the screen whine etc… Wish I could make the battery last longer tho.

  3. Also, try this, install vDub from Palmpowerups, plug a small battery powered speaker into the headphone socket and because of the inbuilt microphone you can create crazy glitchy feedback loops… I'm not sure its what vDub was made for, but I've had loads of fun doing this. I keep meaning to make a vid of it to get on youtube. One day maybe…

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