Linux Music Software Possibilities …

If you follow Palm Sounds on twitter, then you might have noticed a conversation I’ve been having with njrabit about a couple of the Tungsten T series and Linux. Here’s the conversation:

Linux runs nicely on Tungstens, and nice toolset for TMS DSP coding.

Looks like the Linux port is the way to access fully access the DSP core and 24-bit/96Khz audio in/out on Tungsten T2.

Any Linux music app that can run within constraints of devices memory will work, like Csound which is tremendously powerful.

Faust is compelling for T2, could serve as engine for Reaktor on PDA, could gen optimized code on the fly for DSP core.

Faust, ChucK – all incredible powerful audio/music tools but would need a nice new UI (ala SunVox) to play well on PDA.

A list of supported handheld hardware but T2/T3’s dualcore & 24/96 snd is uniquely qualified for music apps

Now, I’m not likely to be able to get any of this software going under Linux to run on a Tungsten, but if there are any developers out there who would be interested in getting them going I’d love to hear from you.

It’d be brilliant to have a PDA running Faust as an engine for Reaktor!

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