iPK25 controller looks amazing

A great (if short) video of the iPK25 and SynthStation app from Akai. I have to admit that this looks like an amazing combo.


  1. Apparently, it will be possible for other iPhone developers to make their apps compatible with this device, but whether doing so would involve licensing or just programming was unclear.
    Nonetheless, looks like a nice iPhone and laptop companion.

  2. This is really kind of breakthrough stuff, if ya ask me. I would love to see more hardware music equipment interface with mobile devices to leverage off of their interface and processing.

    I own an Akai LPK25, which is their USB connect mini-keyboard (relies on DAW for sounds). It looks like Akai leveraged off that keyboard for the iPK25. Thats good, cause the LPK has a nice feel to it for such a low-cost device.

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