Looptastic 3 now available

The new version of Looptastic (3.0) is now available at the app store. Here’s what the feature list looks like:

  • Import your own loops in AIFF, WAV, or OGG format using an intuitive web interface. Importing requires a Wi-Fi connection to a PC, Mac, or Linux machine.
  • Automatic beat synchronization makes loops of different tempos play in sync
  • Manipulate the sound with any of 9 effects, including fliters, delay, repeater, bit crusher, and flanger.
  • Apply effects to part or all of the mix
  • Load up to four minutes of CD-quality loops per set.
  • Comes with 260 loops packaged as 26 remixable tracks. This includes the complete set of Electro and Progressive loops. *** Requires that you download the Electro and Progressive sets from the Loop Store at no charge.
  • Multitouch volume control with three zones and crossfader
  • Record your mix for future playback on the device
  • Export your mix to Mac or PC via Wi-Fi
  • Tempo control using timeshifting algortihms. The pitch stays the same–only the BPM changes.
  • Play up to 20 loops at the same time and mix and match between built in loops and your own loops.
  • One Shot mode plays samples without time-stretching — ideal for sound bites
  • Manually trigger loops using a waveform display

This looks like a brilliant update for this app. I’m really looking forward to getting it going and trying it out.

Looptastic 3 at the app store:
Looptastic Producer

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