Apple Tablet from 17 years ago

Whilst I’ve never owned a Newton, I think that one day I will get one. I enjoyed this post at Newton Poetry that points out that Apple did have a tablet type device albeit a PDA rather than a PC and that the Newton still has a large following.


  1. I worked at Apple during the Newton Era during which time I aquired two MessagePads: a MP120 and a MP2000 (which was upgraded to a MP2100). (It may not be common knowledge, but Apple employees are Apple's best customers. The suckers buy everything.)

    This post inspired me to pull out my MP2100. It fired right up with all my apps, tweaks and data intact as if I'd last used it yesterday rather than a decade ago. It's pretty amazing and at the same time amazingly flawed.

    One thing that is striking in light of all the hype and speculation this month about new Apple tablets and every other wannabe tablet on the planet is how awkward the size of the MP2100 is. It weighs almost 1.5 lbs., and it's the size of a hardback book. And to use the MessagePad effectively you had to carry it with you ALL THE TIME.

    That leads me to wonder how Apple envisions people will use this next generation of tablets. If the killer app for the iPhone is resolving arguments with Wikipedia and IMDb when you are out to dinner, what is the killer app for the iTablet? Surfing the internet on the toilet?

    Maybe I'll take some pictures and put together a blog post about how my circa 1997 state-of-the-art mobile tablet has held up.


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