Further thoughts on Equalizer 1.4

Equalizer is now a completely unique iPhone music app. It is the only app that has both Sonoma’s audio copy and paste together with ioLibrary as well.

Why is this important? Simply because you can now get audio made in apps that support ioLibrary into FourTrack by using Equalizer.

Now that’s great news. I hope that Apple don’t pull the plug on ioLibrary!

Equalizer at the app store:


  1. Seems like a useful app for those who need an EQ for touching up samples or loops. Too bad it has such a low score on the app store. Probably all from people who are too stupid to read app descriptions before they hit the buy button, thinking they can use it on their iTunes library.

    What I'd really like to see, though, is something like a mobile version of Audacity — a WAV editor with built-in EQ, reverb, distortion, compressor, etc. Make it support ioLibrary and AudioCopy/Paste. It could easily sell for $10+, if not more, as long as it's well designed.

    I'm kind of surprised nobody's done it yet, considering how many multitrack recorders/editors there already are.


  2. Well I made EQ and Reverb so far. Guess what I am working on next… Because of audiocopy and iolibrary it is very easy to switch from app to app and continue working on the same audio file.


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