This looks like another interesting app for guitarists and has some really good features too. Most interesting to me is the GuitarBud which looks like a really simple way to connect audio to your iPhone.

  • Works with all iPhones and 2nd generation iPod Touch’s
  • 1st generation iPod Touch’s do not have mic input, you can use the Tracks Playback / Trainer features but you cannot access the Guitar Tuner or Live Amp / effects.
  • To use the live amp / effects you need to have a guitar to iPhone / iPod Touch cable.
  • Check out the PRS Guitarbud™ to get the most out of your PRS Jam Amp app.
  • The Guitarbud™ requires an adaptor for use with 1st generation (non 3G) iPhones see the Guitarbud™ support page for details.
  • The live Amp / effects utilize significant processing power and perform faster with the iPhoen 3GS

PRS Jam Amp at the app store:
PRS Jam Amp



  1. I'd love that guitarbud wire but it's stupidly expensive. I'll wait for an opportunity for someone to buy it for me as a gift.


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