PRS Jam Amp for iPhone

This looks like another interesting app for guitarists and has some really good features too. Most interesting to me is the GuitarBud which looks like a really simple way to connect audio to your iPhone.

  • Works with all iPhones and 2nd generation iPod Touch’s
  • 1st generation iPod Touch’s do not have mic input, you can use the Tracks Playback / Trainer features but you cannot access the Guitar Tuner or Live Amp / effects.
  • To use the live amp / effects you need to have a guitar to iPhone / iPod Touch cable.
  • Check out the PRS Guitarbud™ to get the most out of your PRS Jam Amp app.
  • The Guitarbud™ requires an adaptor for use with 1st generation (non 3G) iPhones see the Guitarbud™ support page for details.
  • The live Amp / effects utilize significant processing power and perform faster with the iPhoen 3GS

PRS Jam Amp at the app store:
PRS Jam Amp


  1. Looks good as an amp sim, but was hoping it would be more of an FX unit.

    It would be so awesome for Frontier to allow mic input into iShred's effects.

  2. I'd love that guitarbud wire but it's stupidly expensive. I'll wait for an opportunity for someone to buy it for me as a gift.

  3. It might be a good way to get *guitar level* audio into the iPhone, but standard *line level* audio (like from a synth or mixer) will still be waaaay too hot.

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