Caster: Podcasting app for the iPhone

I’d not seen a podcasting app for the iPhone before although there are lots of apps for subscribing too and listening to podcasts. If anyone’s tried this I’d be interested to know.


  • Record chunks of audio at a time or all at once
  • All podcast clips are combined into a single file
  • Writes podcast in m4a/ALAC format – if ALAC is unavailable on your device, it writes to a wave.
  • Download your completed podcasts via FTP or publish directly from your iPhone
  • Existing podcast RSS files are synced with Caster
  • Automatically generates a new RSS when publishing
  • Upload existing audio clips for use in your podcast
  • Audio Normalization
  • Attach images, GPS, Links, Files, and Text

Caster at the app store:

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  1. Actually, Audiofile Engineering's FiRe supports Podcast exporting via either FTP or a built-in web server as of version 1.3.

    That being said, even though it's not first to the podcaster party, this app does look to be more directly designed with podcasters in mind. FiRe doesn't support linking multiple recordings into a single podcast, and it doesn't deal with the RSS and attachments stuff at all.

    Assuming it all works well as advertised, this app could be exactly the solution mobile podcasters need.

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