This from Alex:

Sorry, no news yet. I got full documentation on CPU and began to make own audio-driver. But at the moment i switched to new releases of SunVox and Pixilang.

Whilst I’d love to see this retro palm software, I’m also please to see a new release of Pixilang on the cards, so good all round.

Discuss this at the Palm Sounds Forum



  1. I tried running Pixelang on my Clie SJ33, but it wouldn't work. The Clie has a 66Mhz Dragonball CPU and I think that might be the problem. It is running OS 4.x

    On my other Clie with an Intel Xscale CPU it ran just fine, but also so does every other program out there.


  2. I was actually only trying to get the older version of Pixelang/Pixitracker to work on my Clie SJ33. I really need to find out a purpose for this clie. It bugs me that it sits in a drawer because sunvox, pixitracker, microbe, and bhajis won't work on it.


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