Bleep!Box VST will make life interesting

Bleep!Box has just announced the VST version of the great iPhone app of the same name. This is a very interesting development as Amidio have also said that their next apps will also be available in VST form too.

Are we going to see more mobile to desktop app synchronisation in the future? For some apps like Mixtikl and Beatmaker it already exists.

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  1. Ahh, they're just copying the genius that is Chris Wolfe! 😉

    It makes sense really- especially as Apple are dead against the ioLibrary idea. If ideas could be hatched on an iPhone/ Touch, and bettered on a DAW, that can only be a good thing right? Also allowing the user OSC control too?

  2. Or are we going to see devs ditch the iPhone for vsts and audio units? : (

    could it have something to do with apple stopping developers exchange files between apps (and desktops I think?).

    I may have missed something however!

    : )

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