What does Zen Garden mean?

I found this at RJDJ Labs:

Zen Garden is an implementation of the Pure Data application programming interface. It is designed as an audio library, making it easy to plug into any audio software, either as the primary audio engine or as a plugin. It is built from the ground up in portable C++ using modern software design principles, making it easily extensible and available for use on most modern platforms, including mobile systems such as iPhone and Android. ZenGarden is open source under the LGPL. Find the official repository at: http://github.com/mhroth/ZenGarden

So does this mean that someone could use Zen Garden to develop for Palm or Windows mobile? I’d be really interested to know what devs views are?

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  1. It reads that way.

    Having taken a quick glance at http://en.flossmanuals.net/PureData/, it sounds as though Pure Data allows you to put together a synth / sound processing chain by connecting modules.

    So, i guess a library implementation of PD would allow developers access to the same modules, via code.

    I assume this would allow people to design synths using PD visually, then easily recreate them to generate sound on a variety of platforms.

    Or, more concisely, “I think so, yes” 🙂

  2. It's a minefield.

    Alas, the LGPL license isn't a good solution for iPhone. On iPhone, the LGPL license falls back to GPL because Apple doesn't allow the use of dynamically linked libraries (DLLs). So LGPL licensed libraries must be statically linked with an application making the entire app then subject to the GPL license. And while there is some GPL licensed software available on the iPhone (e.g. Frotz), the legality of GPL on iPhone is debatable due to Apple imposing conditions on distribution of all iPhone software — anathema to GPL.

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