Auteureist 1.2 features

Auteureist 1.2 sounds like it will have some interesting features:

  • reordering of locations and characters (this takes a bit more work than chapters/novels).
  • add in-app purchase code to handle new features, the first of which will be…
  • the new major feature: Journal Mode. This will allow you to use Auteureist for maintainingg a journal as well as allowing you to journal and annotate your actual writing. (Yes there will be a built- in calendar). This will be unlockable via a 0.99 US cents in-app purchase. So if you want it you pay, if not you don’t get Journal Mode. This is something I want since I haven’t found a good journal app, and integrating it is a natural fit.
  • I want to make backup/restore a bit more granular. Specifically, I want to be able to backup/restore individual novels. This will require a lot of redesign and rework on the database. It will also allow for more flexibility elsewhere. (I may push this to 1.3)
  • a real contest since the timing on the NaNoWriMo one was off.
  • a few surprise free features
  • the usual tweaks and bug fixes.

Auteureist at the app store:

Discuss this at the Palm Sounds Forum

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