ARGON – The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer

As if there wasn’t enough in the way of new apps today, here’s another great looking synth called ARGON, Potable Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer. Here’s what to expect:


  • High-quality 32bit floating point Synth-engine

Three Oscillator

  • Modulatable Sawtooth waveforms Oscillator
  • Modulatable Pulse width Oscillator
  • Modulatable Oscillator to Triangle wave from Sine wave
  • Modulatable Noise Oscillator
  • Formant Oscillator


  • Sawtooth waveform
  • Square waveform
  • Sine Waveform
  • Noise
  • FM (Frequency Modulation)
  • AM (Amplitude Modulation)
  • Oscillator Sync
  • Oscillator modulation
  • LFO, Envelope exclusive Oscillator
  • Modulatable Pitch and Level using LFO, Envelope
  • Modulatable FM depth using LFO, Envelope(Only Oscillator 1)


  • Low Pass Filter(24dB/Oct)
  • Low Pass Filter(12dB/Oct)
  • Mid Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Envelope, LFO exclusive for Filter


  • Overdrive (saturator)
  • 3 Band EQ
  • Panpot
  • Envelope, LFO exclusive for AMP

Three Envelope Generator(EG)

  • Envelope Generator exclusive for each OSC, Filter, AMP
  • ADSR(Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release)

LFO (Low Frequency Oscilator) x 3

  • Sawthooth Wave
  • Square Wave
  • Sine Wave
  • Random waveforms by Sample, Hold.
  • Tempo-synced Speed.
  • KeySync Mode
  • LFO Delay Parameter

Delay Effect

  • Adjustable L,R Delay (0.1ms – 2000ms)
  • TempoSync Mode
  • Left and Right Feedback
  • Cross-feed-back
  • Color Parameter for controlling delay sound
  • LFO for modulating delay time
  • Modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger)
  • Spread Parameter(Modulating phase between left and right channels)

Step Sequencer

  • 16 Step Sequencer
  • Writable Tone program (8 Pattern in 1 Tone)
  • Position-returning KeySync Mode


  • Three sized scrollable keyboard

Key transpose

  • Scale
  • Key Holding
  • Note Portament
  • TempoSync (LFO, Step Sequencer, Delay)
  • Preset Saving(512 preset)
  • Original 64 factory preset

Sounds good?

Argon at the app store:
ARGON - The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer -


  1. It's good fun and sounds great (formants -yay!)
    I luke the sequencer – basic but easy to use. Ok so it stcks a little rigidly to the retro analog interface but that makes it simple to pick up and play

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