What are you looking forward to in 2010?

It amazes me to think that this is the end of a whole decade. From a mobile music point of view it has been very interesting, and 2009 in particular has seen mobile music really take off. I hope it continues into 2010, but I’m interested to know what you’re hoping and wishing for?

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  1. I'm eagerly awaiting updates to SunVox. Hopefully we'll get an EQ (3 band at least) and the ability to change UI colors. Any additions/improvements to the modular synths and effects would be welcome, of course. If possible, ioLibrary support would be really nice, too.

    I'd also like to see a WAV editing app for iPhone OS. Maybe something like a trimmed down Audacity. It would be useful for doing light tweaking of samples or finished tracks. ioLibrary support would be a necessary feature, of course.

    Speaking of ioLibrary, I hope 2010 sees Apple NOT taking it away from us. It's a highly useful feature for people making music on iDevices and it would be a real shame to see Apple destroy it.

    I'm also hoping for a BeatMaker update, even though I'm not very optimistic. There hasn't been a peep from Intua in quite a while.

    Finally, I hope Android becomes more polished and usable in 2010. The Nexus One could be a major step, and I hope more developers begin supporting Android. It's a much more open platform than iPhone OS and I think awesome things could be done with it.

  2. Agree on the updates for Beatmaker. There's this theme of the possibility of a Beatmaker 2 which keeps cropping up.

    I also hope that ioLibrary doesn't go, it would make life difficult

  3. More focus on sound-making by other mobile OS' and OS developers besides the iPhones' (especially for Android). And hopefully more and better multi-platform development frameworks (with audio support obviously).

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