Make: Electronics on the iPhone

Here’s a useful iPhone book. Make’s electronics guide sitting right there on your iPhone, and compared to the print price it is good value at £2.99!

Make: Electronics at the app store:
Make: Electronics

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  1. many publishers overlook the iphone as a great place to get their book read, so this is a great exmaple of what to do.
    My Dad is an electronics genius so I think it might be a bit basic for him (which is a shame)


  2. Awesome!
    I'd been wanting to get an intro to electronics book. Even better to have on my iPod touch. Screen shots look like it has been formatted well for the size of the screen. (US$4.99 by the way.)
    Thanks for the tip.

  3. $5 for the app-book, but it will want to make you buy at least $100 of tools and parts to do all the projects. If you plan to do the whole course, you might seriously consider ordering the whole Deluxe Make: Electronics tool kit that includes a copy of the book from

    By the way, O'reilly has put tons of their books on to the iTunes Store- some others might be of interest to programmers.

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