And the winner is … Sunvox!

For the 2nd year in a row Sunvox wins the Palm Sounds Most Innovative app of the year award. With over 250 votes cast this year, the top 5 were:

  1. Sunvox with 27% of the vote
  2. Jasuto with 20% of the vote
  3. Mixtikl 2 with 12% of the vote
  4. MultiTrack with 11% of the vote
  5. DopplerPad with 9% of the vote

Thanks to everyone who nominated an app and all who voted.

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  1. Jasuto may have overwhelmed SunVox if Jasuto Pro had been released already. As it is, Jasuto is already an impressive app and I'm not surprised it easily secured 2nd place.

    Now that SunVox has won 2 years in a row, maybe we can get the people using it to talk it up some. I rarely come across blogs or tweets mentioning SunVox, and it seems songs composed with SunVox are just as rare.

    It's nice to know that an alternative tracker can be so well regarded while Renoise garners so much attention. It's also worth noting that SunVox is still on sale for $5.99 ($1.99 for the iPhone version).

  2. Tony,

    I just finished up my album using traditional hardware samplers. Now that my plate is free I'm diving into my next album/project (All handheld based) I plan to use sunvox and bhajis loops + netbook. I've got my sony clie and iPhone ready!

    Just a quick plug for those that are interested.

  3. My apologies. With the iPhone–heavy coverage (not that I am complaining) at Palm Sounds it escaped my mind that Mixtikl 2 was released on other mobile devices.

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