Pocket Organ C3B3

Pocket Organ C3B3 is a musical keyboard application for iPhone/iPod touch that simulates the Hammond Organ. The sound is generated with the synthesis of the waveforms from “Virtual Tonewheel System” controlled by 9 drawbars like the actual Hammond Organ.

Pocket Organ C3B3 has a rotary speaker effect like the Leslie speaker, which adds amazing realistic character and spatial depth on your organ playing. This effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes).


  • Pocket Organ C3B3 is programmed by Shinya Kasatani, the creator of best selling iPhone App “PocketGuitar” and is designed by Junichiro Yamasaki of “Manetron (Mellotron App)”.
  • Authentic emulated sounds generated from “Virtual Tonewheel System” mixed by sliding 9 drawbars
  • 61key + 61key, 5-octave Dual Keyboards with switchable key width (8 white keys or 10 white keys on screen)
  • Scrollable Keyboard that can be configured to your own octave key range on screen with 4 preset buttons
  • Key transpose function (You can play a music of any key in the key of C)
  • Rotary Speaker effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes).
  • Harmonic Percussion effect with adjustable decay, 2nd and 3rd harmonic
  • Keyclick noise effect
  • Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb
  • Overdrive effects
  • Scanner vibrato & chorus
  • Shake your iPhone to play spring shock (reverb crash) effect like Jon Lord (keyboard player of Deep Purple) or Keith Emerson (a member of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer, ELP).
  • iPhone’s built-in accelerometer gives you amazing glissando effect control.
  • 20 Factory Presets containing typical settings used by Rock, Jazz or Gospel Sounds
  • You can add the User Memory Bank that allows you to store your own 20 patches (drawbars & effects settings) & Preset Packages with In App Purchase

Pocket Organ C3B3 at the app store:
Pocket Organ C3B3

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OP-1 Circuit Board

Not much of an update on the OP-1, but at least it is some news as they’ve been quiet for a long time.

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webOS SDK goes into public beta

Palm are taking their Ares SDK to public beta, but the SDK is totally web based. My question is, can you (that’s you and not me) make music applications on this SDK?

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Circuit Synth

Another very nice looking modular synth arrives at the app store today. Here’s what it does:

Design your own instrument by wiring up simple modules. Included are three kinds of oscillators (sine wave, square wave, and sawtooth wave), a noise generator, and modules for combining and modifying signals. Dabble in techniques like additive synthesis and frequency modulation just by choosing different arrangements and wirings.

Circuit Synth at the app store:
Circuit Synth

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iVidCam, another 3G video app

I’ve tried iVideoCamera and Camcorder which is the weakest so far. Here’s another called iVidCam, This one doesn’t save to the camera roll but use a wifi transfer. Also this app claims to have the highest frame rate for a 3G. I’m not sure that I’m in the market for another 3G video app, but if you try it and it is worth it please let me know.

iVidCam at the app store:

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Radio apps: Thanks all

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions about which radio app to get. There were lots of excellent suggestions. In the end I went for ooTunes as it seemed to have a very wide set of features including recording and twitter integration.

ooTunes at the app store:
ooTunes Radio - Recording and Alarm Clock!

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DrumTracker update

I don’t have this app but the interface is so nice to look at I might try it out. It has just been updated. Here’s the details:

  • Integrated Help screens
  • Pattern length edition (new edit mode)
  • Added drag’n drop in song view (reordering and creating song)
  • Corrected autosave when quitting
  • Corrected memory leaks
  • Fixed crash when getting low on memory

DrumTracker at the app store:

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