New version of Mixtikl coming soon

A new version of Mixtikl is on the way according to the Intermorphic blog:

The release improves Mixtikl useability in a number of areas through some focused UI tweaking. More significantly, though, it incorporates a new Randomise feature for when you create a new mix.

The “New Random” feature makes it really easy to hit a button and get something new and different when you create a new mix. It draws upon all the installed content, and also randomises track vol and pan, as well as mix root note and tempo. In trying this out we have come up with some really cool mixes that would have taken us quite a while to put together. The only thing it does not randomise is FX, but they are best being added as and where you want them!

Great to see that Intermorphic are keeping the app alive and in constant development.

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