Gigbaby Studio

A new app from the maker of Gigbaby the four track recorder:

GigBaby is a music recording and composition tool. Use it anywhere and any time to capture and record ideas and compose new music. Share individual tracks or publish your finished songs over email or WiFi.

Includes a precision metronome with dozens of rhythm patterns, multi-track digital audio record and playback, Project list to quickly recall the setup for any song, and network sharing to exchange audio tracks with collaborators. With GigBaby each member of the group can record their own tracks, then swap tracks to bring together the whole song.


  • Four track digital audio recorder
  • Mix-down tracks to a single stereo track
  • Panning with full stereo field effect
  • Metronome with drum machine or click track
  • Email tracks or finished songs
  • Browser based file transfer to and from desktop
  • Record and mix to compressed file formats
  • Import MP3 and M4A files.
  • Set 8 or 16 bit depth
  • Set 11025, 22050 or 44100 sample rates
  • Live Monitoring for headphone use
  • Track looping and crop / trim
  • Punch in/out
  • Playback / record limiter (auto stop)

Compose and publish your music:

  1. Select a click track or a rhythm track.
  2. Set a tempo for the metronome
  3. Collaborators should all use the same tempo
  4. Record individual tracks for each instrument.
  5. Share individual tracks over email or WiFi
  6. Set your mixer options:
  7. panning (stereo field effect)
  8. individual track volume
  9. track loop and trim options
  10. Mix down to a single stereo track
  11. Publish your finished song over email or WiFi


Digital Audio Recording
Record and layer multiple audio tracks. Monitor any mix of tracks (including the rhythm pattern) during your recording sessions. Use separate tracks to layer harmonies, guitar, bass, keyboard, backup vocals, etc. Independent volume controls let you set the mix, and individual mute buttons to quickly cut out specific instruments. Recording on the iPod touch requires the use of an external microphone.

Audio Mixdown
Audio mixdown allows you to combine individual tracks into a single compressed stereo track for publication. Adjust the individual track controls for volume, pan, loop and trim. Adjust the controls during playback to get exactly the sound you want. What you hear during playback is what you get with mixdown. When you are ready just hit the mixdown button. The mixdown goes to a new project and does not affect your existing tracks. Once you have your mixdown, send it out over email or transfer to your desktop using your web browser.

Rhythm Patterns
The rhythm patterns (beat pattens) cover many of the basic musical styles including Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Waltz, Hip-Hop and Latin. During audio recording and playback the selected rhythm track is automatically started and synchronized with the audio tracks.

With the metronome you can set the tempo with the calibrated slider bar, or enter a specific tempo to microsecond resolution using a numeric keypad. The volume is adjustable and can be muted. The display shows current bar and beat based on the time signature of the selected pattern, and the elapsed time in seconds. Tempo is adjustable from 30 beats per minute to 210 beats per minute.

The setlist manages all of your settings for the songs you perform. The configurable settings include the song name, the associated beat pattern the tempo, any backing tracks that you previously recorded, pan and volume settings for the beat pattern and audio tracks. You can quickly move through your setlist using presets.

Gigbaby Studio at the app store:
GigBaby Studio

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  1. Can anyone talk me thru the mixdown part of this fantastic app? I have no problems recording or downloading the new files to my desktop, Itunes even, but only as seperate tracks. I have read countless times the process for mixdown but clearly I am missing something! Any help gratefully recieved. Thanks, Ted.

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