Studio Six Digital update

I got an email from Studio Six Digital updating the status of their iPhone audio hardware. Here are the details:

** iAudioInterface

After yet another iAudioInterface PCB layout with an entirely different grounding scheme, it seems that we have solved the phone noise problems at last. At this moment, we are working on getting our production set up. With luck, we are looking at a January ship date. Thanks again for your patience, this process has certainly taken much longer than we had imagined when we started it, nearly one year ago!

The good news is that the board and mic are performing very well. We will be updating our web site with new specifications soon.

** iProMic

iProMic is getting another PCB designed right now, and given what we have learned on iAudioInterface, it should not be long until we get iProMic into production as well. It is also looking like production will start in January.

** Pre-Orders

As soon as we get word that iAudioInterface and iProMic production is scheduled, we will be sending out the pre-order forms.

** AudioTools: Traffic Light, Impulse Response, File Export, Calculator

We have a new release of AudioTools that is in review with Apple that adds an SPL Traffic Light function (optional) for monitoring live sound levels, and a new File Export function (free) that allows you to export tab-delimited data files, and in some cases audio files, to any computer running a browser.

We have also completed our work on Impulse Response, and it is also in the release that is being tested by Apple. We have some nice demo videos up on our website. We are getting great results, even with the built-in iPhone mic!

Also in this release will be FFT windowing and a handy audio calculator (free), among other things.

Remember to buy AudioTools rather than our separate modules, as we are working on moving all of our development into AudioTools. We are also working out the details for our AudioTools Rebate Program for folks who have double-purchased certain modules.

** Smaart

Next up will be our port of Smaart to AudioTools. We are still finalizing the details of the spec with our friends at Rational Acoustics, it will be a very good implementation of Smaart on the mobile platform.

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