Little Boots RJDJ Reactive Remixer App from RJDJ

I’m going to be very interested to see how this does. We’ve seen loads of artist apps, including a few remix apps, but this is very different indeed. The RJDJ app has the following tracks:

The ‘Meddle’ scene is truly unique and exciting. The app creates an ever changing version of the song based on your environment. In other words…listen to it in loud or quiet places, at different times of the day and take it for a walk or stay still and listen to the track. Let your journey throughout the day create the song.

New In Town
The ‘New In Town’ scene allows you to remix the track by touching the buttons and arranging different beats, sounds and vocals (like Boots’ own Tenori-on!). Sing along with the song and touch the buttons twice or three times to get variations on effects.

The Remedy scene is an eerily hypnotic and evocative version of Little Boot’s hit single. Conduct an ever changing symphony with your iPhone! Try drumming in time with the music, or move the phone slowly from side to side to hear the music change. There are lots of secret bits to discover and it’s never the same experience twice.

Little Boots Reative Remixer from RJDJ at the app store:
Little Boots - Reactive Remixer

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