RJDJ News from NYC

Well it sounds like there’s lots of good stuff coming from RJDJ soon!

Firstly, RjDj are to introduce RJC-1000. An app with Little Boots out next week. RjDj performed the first demonstration of the forthcoming RJC-1000 tonight, during the RjDj Sprint. The Sprint comes to New York as part of Hackshop, an annual series of workshops at Eyebeam. For the first event of the Sprint, some of the Reality Jockey crew demonstrate RJC-1000, a new platform for creating and exporting scenes to RjDj. While scenes can currently be created using Pure Data, an open source modular program for synthesis and digital signal processing, RJC-1000 provides a more user-friendly GUI front (with a pad design similar to Akai’s MPC series) for utilizing various sequences, sounds, and effects from Pure Data patches, in order to organize new RjDj scenes.

The RJC-1000 also brings new social possibilities to RjDj, as demonstrated during the presentation. Utilizing a wireless network, the program can interface with any number of iPhone / iTouch devices running RjDj, to communicate a real-time scene algorithm. This set of instructions can include reactive DSPs that process incoming sound, making the experience simultaneously social and uniquely individual. Reality Jockey projected RJC-1000 (pending a possible name change) to be available around March 2010; there’s a form to sign up for the private beta at the RjDj website.

Lastly, a new RjDj standalone app featuring three scenes with the music of British electro-pop sensation Little Boots is set to drop early next week in the App Store. Nice to see Reality Jockey getting more mainstream attention.

Thanks very much to David for this information. David who is a media writer and marketer and who is at the sprint this weekend. David writes a blog called Clonesound which is worth a read.

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