Christmas Presents for the Mobile Musician: Day 13

When the TuneStudio first came out it was really innovative. It took Belkin a year to release it, and since then they’ve not released anything nearly as innovative. I was hoping they’d do something for the iPhone / Touch, but nothing as yet.

I’ve included it more as an interesting anomaly as it is really too expensive for what it is.

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  1. I did have a look at these, and they can be had for about half that online now. But other than docking the idevice it doesn't seem to offer anything over a bog standard mixer. It doesn't even have any form of effects. Presumably is also mixes down to a stereo file, but I'm guessing there. So not massively useful for recording a band either.

  2. hey do you reckon this would allow us to record 4 tracks into apps that allow audio to come in through the dock?
    even tho it would appear to mix it down to stereo it could still make for a fun little studio in combination with something like Rectools08.

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