24 Apps of 2009: Sunvox

I guess you’d have expected this one too. I’ve been a fan of Sunvox since it started out and I still use it both on Windows Mobile and on my iPhone.

Sunvox is still one of the most unique mobile music applications. I love the modular style of it and especially how it has been implemented on the iPhone. It is a complex app, and probably not for the beginner, but it is one of those applications that is really worth spending some time with. If you haven’t, then give it some thought, especially as it is on sale at the moment!

Sunvox at the app store:

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  1. I really like SunVox. The desktop version is a pleasure to use, and the iPhone version is great too. I've been using trackers to compose for over 10 years now, so using things like BeatMaker or Xewton just feels strange. SunVox is my primary composing app. I compliment it with NLog Synth, Noise.io and a bunch of found sounds and loops.

    I do wish that Alex would improve its interface, though. At the very least, user configurable colors like Milkytracker would be appreciated.

  2. Man, I wish this thing had a piano roll interface. I just do not get on with trackers. It's quite amazing.

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