Palm Sounds ‘Most Innovative Application of 2009’ Poll

Last year Sunvox won the ‘Most Innovative Application’ Poll. Who will win this year? It really is up to you.

Nominations are now open. Ideally comment them in to this post or email me and I’ll start a list. The poll itself will open toward the end of next week and will run for a week with the winning application being announced just before Christmas.

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  1. I'm happy with sunvox and bhajis loops at the moment, but I'm also late to the game I guess. There were plenty of applications to get excited about, except nothing really delivered to be spectacular. I've bought plenty of apps based on hype. Here's hoping 2010 will be better (I'm crossing my fingers to see 3rd party ad-ons for the iphone start being released).

  2. The best on my iPhone at the moment are:

    Touch DJ
    Storyboard (Hitchcock)
    Strip Designer

    I know they're not all audio but the non audio apps could well lend a hand in promoting your audio if you are artistically inclined.

  3. defining terms always tricky for example 'Most Innovative' definitely Slice and Touch DJ are up there; but how about a “Gets the Job Done” award?! :), in this case I would go with Beatmaker for sho! plus the iO file sharing feature!

  4. SunVox is still the most comprehensive music composing app, IMHO. Granted, the built-in synths aren't as powerful as or NLog, but you can't compose a complete song with or NLog, either.

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