24 Apps of 2009: NLog Synth

NLog has to be in my 24 apps of 2009. It is without doubt one of the best synth apps there is, and version 2.0 took it to a new level.

In terms of sound and functionality it is brilliant and entirely usable. I can’t wait to see how it develops into 2010. If you haven’t tried it as yet there’s a free version too which will give you a taste of what you’re missing.

NLog Synthesizer

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  1. Yay NLog :o) I can spend hours making sounds and haven't even scratched the surface. And I just know Rolf's going to put 4-OP FM with TX81z algorithms and SYSEX patch compatability into the next version ;o)

    I'm still trying to recreate the awesome bassline sound from “The Joker” in NLog. I'm almost there but can't get it to “zing” as much. Here's the track on Spotify:

  2. Is there ANY way to record this app at all? I've made sone pretty interesting effects for my band, but no way to record them…

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